Articles and research updates

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We are proud of the many-and-varied articles that have been written about our work:

The latest issue of the University of British Columbia Medicine Magazine looks at the research being funded by Kurt Gagel and Ian Mottershead.

UBC Summer 2015

An article about Porridge for Parkinson’s ran in UBC’s Department of Medicine Magazine in the Spring 2014 issue. Solving the riddle of Parkinson’s – one bowl at a time. UBC Medicine Magazine Spring 2014

Marg Meikle, Porridge for Parkinson’s co-founder, earned a long story in the Globe & Mail. Obituary: Answer Lady Marg Meikle met her diagnosis head on – The Globe and Mail – January 31, 2014 – by Rod Mickleburgh

We had more media coverage – Marg Meikle wrote this story about Porridge for Parkinson’s for the Courier in November 2010

The Globe & Mail business section had a look at the force that is Porridge for Parkinson’s. Story about Porridge for Parkinson’s appeared in “Giving Back” The Globe & Mail, March 2009

Canadian Living ran a story on the porridge breakfasts .”Oatmeal may be neither too cool nor too haute” a story about Porridge for Parkinson’s in Canadian Living Magazine in June 2002