Dr. Martin McKeown is PPRI Chair in Parkinson’s Research and is Director of the PPRC. He is also a professor in UBC’s Department of Neurology and an adjunct professor in the Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering.

1PPRI Chair in Parkinson’s Research

With planned gifts to PPRI, we funded the creation of the PPRI Chair in Parkinson’s Research, the most senior research position at PPRC. It is held by clinical neurologist Dr. Martin McKeown, who also oversees the operations of the PPRC as its Director.

As PPRI Chair in Parkinson’s Research, Dr. McKeown oversees several innovative research studies, drawing on his unique combination of medical training and engineering background to investigate disease mechanisms and potential treatments.

A key part of this unique role is to support emerging Parkinson’s researchers in developing their expertise. PPRI’s approach to funding is unique in that we fund people, not just projects. We have committed to funding the PPRI Chair in Research over the long-term, to provide Dr. McKeown with the resources to dedicate a significant portion of his time to fostering the next generation of scientists and their work. Tied to this position, PPRI also funds a clinical research fellow, a grad student and a junior faculty member dedicated to Parkinson’s research.

Some of the key research projects Dr. McKeown has played a leadership role in include IMPACCT (Impact on Parkinson’s Care and Clinical Tracking), non-invasive brain stimulation and the sleep disruption study.

For more, watch Dr. McKeown’s presentation at the annual PPRI scientific briefing.