Dr. Jason Valerio is a clinical assistant professor of Neurology at UBC. He is one of a handful of neurologists in North America with expertise in both sleep and movement disorders, making him an ideal fit to lead this potentially ground-breaking research.

8Sleep Disruption

Interrupted sleep is common in Parkinson’s patients. To explore the effectiveness of new interventions and treatments in improving sleep, PPRI has funded a three-year study overseen by Dr. Martin McKeown and led Dr. Jason Valerio.

Most sleep studies take place in a lab, with scientists adjusting equipment throughout the night, potentially disturbing patients. This approach means the data gathered might not accurately represent patients’ typical sleep experience. With his sleep disruption study, Dr. Valerio and his team are using innovative technology to fit patients with special, comfortable headgear that lets the researchers remotely monitor patients while they sleep as usual in the comfort of their homes.

As part of this study, Dr Valerio is partnering with Alzheimer’s researchers evaluating the effectiveness of a special dietary supplement that may improve brain function and sleep quality in Parkinson’s patients.

To learn more about the sleep disruption study, watch Dr. Jason Valerio’s presentation from PPRI’s annual scientific briefing.

This project is made possible thanks to PPRI donor the Diamond Foundation.