At PPRI, we see ourselves as partners, both with our donors and the scientists whose work we fund. We are in this search for a cure together.

The Pacific Parkinson’s Research Centre at UBC

Great research doesn’t happen in isolation. It’s a collaborative effort, with scientists sharing their learnings so others can build on them, each adding pieces to the puzzle we are all trying to solve. Thanks in part to PPRI funding, there is a growing team of world-class scientists working towards a cure at PPRC and connecting with their counterparts around the world to enhance the collective body of knowledge about the disease, its impacts on patients and how new findings can benefit patients’ lives now and in the future.

Located at UBC’s Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health, PPRC not only has a robust research program, it operates B.C.’s only medical clinic dedicated to the diagnosis and management of Parkinson’s disease.

Nearly every Parkinson’s patient in the province receives care from PPRC and for those interested, there are ample opportunities to participate in studies. Having an onsite clinic means PPRC scientists are able to connect directly with patients for preclinical, clinical and population research.

PPRC conducts the largest peer-reviewed Parkinson disease research program in Canada and is recognized as a Centre of Excellence by the Parkinson’s Foundation.

In the spirit of partnership, we get to know the scientists leading the research we help make possible. And as a donor, so will you. Each year, PPRI hosts a scientific review event where PPRC’s senior researchers provide live presentations on their projects, how what they are learning meshes with findings of other researchers around the world, and what they are hoping to find out next. Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to meet not only presenting scientists but also their teams of up and coming researchers eager to share their knowledge with you. As well, PPRI donors receive written updates on funded projects, so you will be among the first to learn what has been discovered.

PPRI donors receive updates on funded projects, so you will be among the first to learn what has been discovered.

Supporting scientific innovation

We choose to fund Parkinson’s research exclusively at PPRC because it enables us to have the greatest impact in making promising projects happen. Our support funds the full-time employment and research projects of top Parkinson’s research scientists, including PPRC’s Director, Dr. Martin McKeown. Having such close ties with PPRC has provided us with the opportunity to support scientists in further pursuing key areas of study. As research funding in all fields is becoming more difficult to access, being able to green-light valuable projects helps us get closer to important discoveries by keeping scientists researching.

Our donor-focused approach

As donors ourselves, we understand PPRI’s contributors want to fund research, not overhead. To optimize the value of every dollar donated, we are volunteer-driven, without a single full-time employee.

Just as we connect with our scientists, so too do we make ourselves available to our donors. If you have questions about how we work, what we fund or how you would like your donation to make a difference, one of our directors would be pleased to speak with you.

PPRI is small but impactful. UBC’s Movement Disorders Clinic chose to recognize our unique relationship by renaming the clinic the Pacific Parkinson’s Research Centre. As people who care deeply about working towards a world without Parkinson’s, all of us are grateful to have a growing body of specialized researchers collaborating at a Centre of Excellence in Vancouver. We are inspired by the scientists’ passion and believe that together, we will one day win the battle against this disease. We hope that you will join us.